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Unique Weight Loss Methods That May Just Work!


Are you one of those who claim they've tried every weight loss method and yet nothing ever worked? Good news! There may be some ideas you haven't tried yet. You may even call some of them bizarre, but they could be worth a try.


1. Coffee Boost


As you know, coffee is a stimulant. That means it has the power to boost your metabolic rate  - up to 10% - and increase the speed at which your body burns off excess calories. If you've always loved coffee, that's clearly great news. If you don't even like this beverage, well, there's more on this list. You must then check this out: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fitness_(biology).


2. The Other Way Around 


This diet is not so much about the food but rather the timing of consumption. What you would normally eat for dinner would be eaten for breakfast, your typical lunch becomes an average-sized meal, and what would've been your breakfast would now become your dinner. The idea is to eat the most in the morning, when you have all the time to burn calories, and the least at night, when your metabolic rate is naturally lower in preparation for sleep.


3. Stapling Your Ear


Why on earth would you staple your ear cartilage? Because it's supposed to suppress your appetite. While there's nothing inherently wrong with this method, you must watch out for infection. You can make use of a fitness tracker for this.


4. In the Raw


This is a weight loss diet which, as its name indicates, requires eating your fruits and veggies raw. The idea is to preserve these foods' vitamins and minerals, which are supposed to help boost your metabolic rate. Of course, if you're actually eating these plants raw, make sure you've cleaned them thoroughly.


5. Go Baby Foodie


Yes, there's such a thing as the body food diet, which calls for replacing regular meals with baby food, which have fewer calories and more vitamins and minerals. If you're seriously considering this one, be prepared for runny poop.


6. Laugh for Weight Loss 


Perhaps the best bizarre weight loss method you can seriously consider - and even if you're not trying to lose weight - is to laugh more. It is said that laughing burns up to forty calories in fifteen minutes. Unfortunately, you can't possibly laugh enough in a day to equal the results of a daily workout. But when you can and while you can, do laugh and enjoy the moment.


Weight loss will, of course, require full-time commitment. But if you're feeling more adventurous with the methods you use, try the above. Invest in the best fitness tracker jewelries for best results.